About SAMPE Carolinas Chapter

United in a common goal – expand SAMPE in the South East.

What Others Are Saying About SAMPE Carolinas Chapter

“When I heard the news that there was a SAMPE chapter coming to the Carolinas, I couldn’t wait. The networking opportunities and access to continued education programs provides me with valuable tools I can use on a daily basis to further my career.”

Mark Jones

“I recently relocated to the Greenville, SC and had been a previous member of SAMPE. With SAMPE Carolina’s based in Charlotte, the central location provides North and South Carolina a local resource to this world-renowned society.”

Bradley Green

“SAMPE Carolinas provides the area membership a great opportunity to expand their knowledge through networking and information exchange. I’m excited the chapter is based in Charlotte”

Jessica Patton

“I’m based outside of the Carolinas, but plan on attending the Carolinas chapter meetings and events. With the list of director’s this chapter has assembled, it is sure to be a success for all.”

Sam Kromstain


The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering, SAMPE®, an international professional member society, provides information on new materials and processing technologies through chapter technical presentations, two journal publications, symposia and commercial expositions in which professionals can exchange ideas and air their views. As the only technical society encompassing all fields of endeavor in materials and processes, SAMPE provides a unique and valuable forum for scientists, engineers, designers and academicians.

Material and Process engineering is the technology by which materials are developed or selected and manufacturing processes chosen which will convert those materials into products which meet the design, performance, producability, quality, and cost effective criteria required. Fields of research and application include, but are not limited to:

• Composite materials

• Advanced matrix resin development

• Advanced reinforcement fiber development

• Nano materials

• Metal and composite adhesive bonding

• Ceramics, carbon-carbon and metal matrix composites

• Fire properties of composite materials

• Design and analysis of composite structures

• Platform design-manned and unmanned air vehicles

• Composite materials in ground transportation and advanced marine architecture

• Composite materials in oil exploitation and wind energy development

• Composite materials in recreational products

• Composite materials in infrastructure development

• Blast mitigation and homeland security

• Technical information exchange under ITAR guidelines

Our board of directors all share a common vision, of seeing SAMPE grow and prosper in the South East.

Our National Director, John Ridgway of Stiles Machinery said it best, “Bringing a chapter to the Carolinas not only pays dividends to the established SAMPE membership, but also assures SAMPE a strong footprint in a rapidly expanding region of the country, that offers tremendous potential for aerospace companies as a whole”. “With several world-renowned companies already located here and others having announced plans to expand their presence in the Carolinas in the coming months & years, our chapter is strategically positioned to assist in any way possible and provide our growing membership, additional networking opportunities going forward”.

Simple concept – Access to meaningful, valuable content.

When the directors petitioned for the chapter’s creation, there were five main areas we wanted to focus on;


Going forward, our meetings, materials expo’s and plant tours will encompass all of the above. Our programs chair is busy working on an impressive list of speakers, willing to share their knowledge and industry experience with our membership.

With the Carolinas Chapter also being the only active chapter in the South East, our plan is to expand on the venues we hold meetings at throughout the year, and incorporate remote sessions in Georgia to reach out to SAMPE’s GA & FL members. To help with that goal, we are exploring holding meetings in Raleigh NC, Charleston SC, Savannah GA.

Our Founding Principles

Education – founding principle #1

educate v. give intellectual or moral instruction; to teach

Education is the foundation of everything we do on a daily basis and without further or continued education, we cannot grow or evolve. At SAMPE Carolinas, we founded the chapter upon the simple concept of providing our membership access to continued education, by allowing the members to participate in our regular meetings at which guest keynote speakers present papers on various related subjects.

This access allows our membership to broaden their knowledge of materials and process automation, together with related fields and industry’s.

Whether a student, manager, engineer, scientist or faculty – our goal is to make the content of our chapter meetings relevant, informative and educational.

If you would like to present at one of our meetings, or know someone who might, please let us know.

Innovation – founding principle #2

innovate adj. introduce something new

Throughout human history, it has been through innovation, that we have progressed. Innovation drives the world forward.

Innovators such as Alexander Graham Bell, Bill Gates, the Wright Brothers and many more have paved the way for the next generation who dare to think outside-the-box. It is because of these creative thinkers “innovators”, we are able reach beyond the moon, deep into the earth or simply enrich our daily lives.

It is because of innovation, our children can dream…

Networking – founding principle #3

network n. a group of people who contact each other to exchange information.

Have you been looking for that one connection to take your business to the next level? Maybe we can help with that. With such a diverse membership, perhaps your only one conversation away from the next major relationship that will propel your company’s business to new heights.

Come network with us.

If you would like to present at one of our meetings, or know someone who might, please let us know.

Success – founding principle #4

success n. achieve an aim

Through the various services we offer our membership as a chapter, it is our belief that you will achieve success. By exposing yourself to continued education through chapter meetings, daring to think “outside the box” and innovate, together with our open networking opportunities, we want you and your company to succeed.


Come succeed with us.

If you would like to present at one of our meetings, or know someone who might, please let us know.