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Monday, April 22th, 2013
5:30pm until 8:30pm


In the Lucas Room at UNC Charlotte in Charlotte, NC

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Our Keynote Technical Presentations

Tim Shaughnessy is the owner & president of Rapid Cure Technologies. Rapid Cure Technologies, Inc. develops and manufactures unique resins, coatings, and adhesives. We specialize in formulating and supplying customized, rapid-cure chemistries and processes that save energy and space, while increasing quality and productivity. Additionally our products and processes are more environmentally friendly and user friendly than most conventional technologies with a concentration on Ultraviolet & Electron beam curing systems. Tim holds degrees in Manufacturing Technology and Business Management from New York State Universities. He has worked over 20 years in the composites and coatings industries with positions in manufacturing, Research & Development and technical sales.
Presentation: The use of Ultraviolet Curing technology for the manufacturing of Fiberglass Composites for Industrial and Ballistic Applications.  The world has looked at materials to solve manufacturing and performance issues for generations, it may be time to look at the process and ways to incorporate new materials with a new process to take the next leap into material/process technology.  By using UV light or visible light as opposed to more conventional heat cure or solvent evaporation chemistries to manufacture fiberglass composites, we will be discussing this UV technology and what steps have been made to prove out this technology. The thought of being able to cure a composite in milliseconds versus minutes is a hard thing to think about while maintaining the quality and performance. The motivation factors of using UV technology are increased productivity, lower energy/overhead cost, improved physical properties, environmentally more friendly, and it’s an enabling technology.


Scott Bledsoe is President of Blue Force, an aerospace composites design and fabrication company located in Morrisville, NC.  A graduate of North Carolina State University, he  worked for numerous industry-leading organizations, including Gulfstream, ICON Aircraft, Scaled Composites, and NAVAIR, before founding Blue Force in 2010.  Scott lives in Morrisville, NC with his wife, Karen, and three children.

Presentation: Use of composites in rapid protyping of aircraft and major components. The aerospace product life cycle places a high value on early risk-reduction activities to eliminate technologies and design features which do not “buy their way” onto the aircraft.  One of the most compelling risk-reduction techniques is to build and test full-scale hardware.  On the way to creating a new product, there are countless opportunities for building proof-of-concept and prototype systems, whether at the component level or at the whole-aircraft level.  These rapid-prototyping activities are characterized by small, multi-disciplinary teams, working with intentionally limited toolsets, making tough decisions on short timelines.  Composite structure plays a key role in enabling these small teams to build compound-curved structure quickly, with a minimal investment in tooling, all while maintaining sufficient strength and stiffness for operational test.  Mr. Bledsoe will share his experience over the last 19 years in the aerospace industry, many of which were spent building large-scale test articles with composite materials.

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List of this year's exhibitors:

SL Laser Systems
Watkins and Associates
Baltek/3A Composites
Solid Concepts
Hexcel Corp
Stiles Machinery
Gepco Inc
Saertex USA, LLC
Carolina Narrow Fabric Co
Toho Tenax America
CR Onsrud
Mahr Metering Systems
UNC Charlotte Student Chapter
Northern Composites
HoneyCommCore LLC
Wolff Industries
Global Rapid Cure Innovations
Kirkco Corp
Fiber-Line LLC

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