The Alabama Composites Conference is being held again in Birmingham this year – June 18-20, 2013.  This conference has been held on a 2-year cycle since 2006 and has received wide participatiion from cross-disciplines with a central interest in engineering composites.  Mark your calendar for this HIGH TECHNICAL QUALITY conference, exhibits and workshop focusing on applications development for Engineered Composites in transportation, defense, power & energy sector, corrosion prevention, infrastructure and emerging technologies.

Three 'separate' workshops will be held on June 18th (1) Managing Corrosion with FRP; (2) Sustainable Green Composites and Recycling; (3) Design, Modeling and Simulation of Composites. (See links below) The conference and exhibits are scheduled for June 19th and 20th.  These two days will focus on developments in defense, power, energy, transportation, infrastructure and emerging applications. All talks are 'invited' only – they are not academic talks – but are given by program managers, CEO/technologists and experts with broad overview of a range of technologies. The program brings together small, medium and big industry, national and international lab personnel, technical committee themes, business organizations and academia.

The program represents technical and commercial avenues for composite products and developments. The National Science Foundation (NSF) supports student involvement in the conference. We would welcome sponsorships from industries, technical organzations and businesses and have a suggested sponsorship levels included with the Registration and Fees information.

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Click here for DRAFT AGENDA for June 19-20  

Managing Corrosion with FRP Workshop, June 18th (Chair, Michael Stevens, Ashland)

Recycling and Green Workshop, June 18th (Chair, Ed Pilpel, Polystrand)

Design and Modeling of Composites, June 18th