SAMPE Carolinas November 2012 Dinner Meeting

Come Meet with Us SAMPE Carolinas would like to invite you to our November 2012 dinner meeting on November 13th starting at 6:00pm. The event will be held at our usual location, the Whitewater Center in the Charlotte, NC area. The cost to attend is just: $20/ person for SAMPE members $25/ person for guests or non-members $10/ person for students with a valid student ID card   Our Schedule Will Be 6:00pm – 6:30pm Cocktails 6:30pm – 6:45pm Welcome and Announcements 6:45pm – 7:15pm Dinner 7:15pm – 8:00pm Keynote 8:00pm – 8:30pm Cocktails & Adjourn   Our Keynote This months speaker is Kip Petrykowski from Single Temp. Kip has a list of accomplishments including: 2 Years Business development/Product Development for Automotive Racing and OE automotive Tier 2 7 years as Director of Engineering for various Automotive suppliers 3 Years as Director of Operational Excellence for an Automotive Supplier 2 years as a senior engineer for USAir 1 year as a Aerospace Composites Design Analyst in a consulting group 2 years in Business development for Single Temperature Controls. He also holds a number of patents. His topic will be the primary methods of heating/cooling OOA (Out-of-autoclave) and OOO (Out-of-Oven) integrally heated tools (i.e.: oil, pressurized water, steam, electric cartridge). The processes discussed will vary from RTM to compressions molding including: Autoclave applications modified to accept integrally heated tools. Variothermic heating cooling methods that are now being utilized with the rapid cycle automotive thermoset resins. The benefits of pressurized water from an electrical consumption, ramp rate, and precision of temperature control approach. Tooling methods. How to make the transition to...

SAMPE Carolinas’ September 2012 Dinner Follow Up

Thanks for Coming! Thanks to all that came in September. We had a great turnout and great response to Dr. Uday Vaidya's presentation on long fiber and continuous fiber thermoplastic composite applications development. Below you'll find a link to Dr. Uday's PDF copies of his presentation slides and a video of the opening of our dinner that includes information on the state of the chapter and a few other reports. Before you read on down though, please note the link to sign up for our next dinner meeting on November 13th, 2012. Kip Petrykowshi from Single Temp will be our speaker. More details will coming soon. November Meeting For information about or to sign up for the November Meeting, please visit this link:   Opening Video of the September Meeting     Dr. Uday's Slide Presentation Presentation slides: